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Your Future. Our Purpose.

BGSF is one of the largest and fastest growing publicly traded workforce solution firms in the United States. With over 80 locations nationwide, our team is dedicated to impacting our communities by unleashing the power of connecting people to opportunities and transforming lives. With over 28,000 people placed, 75,000 jobs filled and 10.7 million hours worked across the US in a single year, our family of brands specialize in solving your toughest talent or job search challenges.

Your future is our purpose when you partner with BG. We are committed to mutually beneficial relationships, creating profitable growth and success for our temporary employees, dedicated staff, partner clients and investors. Learn more at

Why Invest

Organic and Acquisitive Growth

Focusing on high-end, specialized consulting services

Revenue Diversification, Scale & Margin Enhancement

Strong family of brands

Strategic Geographic Expansion

Leveraging fragmented workforce environment

Operational Efficiencies & Innovation

Investing in technology

Synergies Across Brand Platform

Driving collaboration and cross-selling through differentiated service offering

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